100 Locals in Rome reveal their favorite restaurants, coffee bars, and secret spots

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The best guide book of Rome.


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A crowd-sourced city guide of Rome by 100 locals who know the city like no one else

We live in a world where every product or service you may want to purchase has already been reviewed online by thousands of satisfied and frustrated clients alike. From a toothbrush to a car, our consumer decisions have never been better informed. Yet, when it comes to travel and leisure in foreign destinations, there is a huge knowledge gap of how the locals live and play.

In a city like Rome, renowned for breathtaking open spaces, rich culinary traditions, and a formidable coffee culture, do you really want to follow the herds to the same-old tired places, infested with pretend gladiators and street vendors, to eat mediocre pasta at dingy tourist traps, and pay triple for a watery cappuccino?

The best restaurants in Rome.

In this new crowd-sourced guide of the eternal city, 100 Romans share with you their secret spots,  their recommendations of the best restaurants in Rome, and the best bars in Rome. Savvy travelers may already know some of these recommendations, but most are surprising additions you will be hard-pressed to find on the usual-suspect “trip advisory” sites.

Packed with curated suggestions of where to hang out, eat, and drink in Rome, this guide will prod you to venture beyond the epicenter of the metropolis to discover the best hidden gems of the city, known only to its insiders. Romans love their city. They also love to play, to eat well, and to live life on the slow lane when the mind, heart, and soul require it. This book is as much a travel guide of Rome as it is a love letter to a city from citizens who are eternally enamored with where they live. Because for all the frustrations of its daily grind, Rome remains an irresistible seductress. Whether you are a seasoned traveler to the city, a newbie, or indeed a seventh-generation Roman, prepare to discover this magical land in its truest color. A color as mesmerizing as its salmon-tinted evening lights reflecting on monuments and structures as timeless as time itself.

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